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Whether you're still sketching on a napkin or have a print ready file, we can help with the next step.




    You can gather the files you’ve used, including fonts and linked graphics, for easy handoff to Garrity  Solutions. When you package a file, you create a folder that contains the InDesign document (or documents in a book file), any necessary fonts, linked graphics, text files, and a customized report. This report, which is saved as a text file, includes the information in the Printing Instructions dialog box; a list of all used fonts, links, and inks required to print the document; and print settings.


    InDesign performs an up-to-date preflight check. The Package Inventory dialog box indicates any detected problem areas. You can also provide us with a composite PDF file made from your document or a PostScript file.


    1) Do one of the following to open the Package dialog box:

    Choose File > Package. (If Package does not appear in the File menu, try choosing a different workspace, such as Window > Workspace > Advanced.)


    In the Book panel menu, choose Package Book or Package Selected Documents, depending on whether all, some, or none of the documents are selected in the Book panel.


    An alert icon indicates problem areas.


    2) In the Package Inventory dialog box, do one of the following:

    If you’re notified of problems, click Cancel, and use the Preflight panel to resolve problem areas.


    Click the problem area (such as Fonts) and then correct the problem. When you’re satisfied with the document, begin the packaging process again.


    Click Package to begin packaging.


    3) Fill in the printing instructions. The filename you type is the name of the report that accompanies all other packaging files.


    4) Click Continue, and then specify a location in which to save all packaging files. Select the following, as needed:


    Copy Fonts

    Copies all necessary font files, not the entire typeface.


    Copy Linked

    Graphics Copies linked graphics files to package folder location.


    Update Graphic Links In Package

    Changes graphic links to the package folder location.


    Use Document Hyphenation Exceptions Only

    If this option is selected, InDesign flags this document so that it doesn’t reflow when someone else opens or edits it on a computer that has different hyphenation and dictionary settings. You can turn on this option when sending the file to a service provider.


    Include Fonts And Links From Hidden And Non-Printing Content

    Packages the objects located on hidden layers, hidden conditions, and layers for which the Print Layer option is turned off. When this option is not selected, the package includes only what is visible and printable in the document when you create the package.


    View Report

    Opens the printing instructions report in a text editor immediately after packaging. To edit the printing instructions before completing the packaging process, click the Instructions button.


    5) Click Package to continue packaging.





    1) Minimum resolution for a photo at 100% is 300 dpi, 1200 dpi for line art.


    2) Fonts: for best results, using high quality fonts will give you the best end product. We recommend
    using Opentype or Postscript fonts.


    3) Keep type at least 1/8” from trim size


    4) Extend any objects which bleed 1/8” beyond trim size


    5) Convert all RGB images and illustrations to CMYK


    6) 100% Black vs. Rich Black

    100% Black is best for text and small areas less than 1x1

    Rich Black (100% Black + 40% Cyan) can be used on larger areas


    7) When submitting files using PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Corel Draw, Excel, Publisher and similar desktop programs please provide both native files and high-resolution, print ready pdf.


    8) If providing a print ready pdf, be sure to embed all fonts, ensure all art is converted from RGB to CMYK  or greyscale, include Pantone spot color and include 1/8” bleed and crop marks




    Correct trim size (Matching Quote)


    Page Setup Single page PDF (not spreads).

     Single page mode facing pages in application

     acceptable if individual pages can be printed.


    Fonts embedded


    Colors not allowed (RGB, LAB, CalGray, Cal

     RGB, ICC)


    Color in files match written instructions


    Composite color (not separated)

     Must be supplied in colors as quoted


    PDF files preferred


    File Transfer: FTP (www.garritysolutions.com)


    Application Files supplied as QuarkXpress 7 or    higher or InDesign CC 2014 or higher with all fonts and images used supplied. (Additional charges may apply)


    Supply all PDF files without traps, Garrity will apply

     trapping as needed.

    CT Image Resolution 300 dpi (200 min)


    LW image resolution 1200 dpi (600 min)


    Safety margin ¼ inch (head, foot and face)


    Bleeds 3/16 inch (1/8” min)


    Printers marks 12 pts outside trim or removed


    OPI not recommended


    Gutter margin (1 inch for side sewn and side stitched; 5/8 inch for Smyth, perf notch and adhesive bind; 11/16 inch for mechanical binding)


    Backup—constant page elements on back to

     back pages should be in same position


    Overprint Correct Appears as intended in

     Acrobat with overprint preview on


    Blank pages must be blank

    Design and Art Specifications

    Spreads that cross over should be pulled toward foredge 3/16 for side-sewn, 3/32 for classic and perf-notch and 1/16 for adhesive bind. None for Smyth.


    Color Type 8 pt min when printing in two or more colors


    Color Rules 1 pt min when printing in two or more colors


    Total area coverage (TAC) 320** [This is an average—specific TAC depends upon specific printing stock]


    Black and White Halftones (2-3% min, 5% crop, 92-96% shadow, linear tones)


    Tint Builds 4% min per separation. Repeating tints in CMYK should be built preferrably with 2 colors and no more than 3 colors.


    Neutral Tints made as CMY should be avoided. Use black as dominant color.


    Rich Black build should be 40C + 30M + 30Y + 100K


    Reverse Type 8 pts min


    Reverse Rules 1 pt min


    Recommended color profile: Coated GRACol 2006