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Printing Techniques

Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is the perfect marriage of old and new—print and digital.  Coupling these two channels will engage and motivate your recipients to attend your upcoming event, learn more about your offer, or move to purchase your latest gizmo.

Die Cutting


Add unique shapes and designs to your printed collateral and packaging.

Embossing & Debossing


Elevate your pieces to a luxury look. This process alters your paper in tactile ways that enhance the experience of your piece.  Add additional colors and foils for an even richer look.



Aqueous Coating - Add some depth of feel to your printed piece by adding Gloss, Dull, or Soft Touch Aqueous Coating.  These finishes protect your solid color design elements from fingerprints and scratches as well.


Varnishes - Another great way to protect your designs with full and spot applications.


UV Coating & Lamination - These finishes add sturdiness and pop to your piece.


Foil Stamp


This element creates texture, depth, and contrast not available through the use of spot color.  A step up in price but the added dimension creates a high-end look.

Spot Color


Additional colors for a richer design, duotones that lend an old-fashioned mood, and metallic inks that reflect light when dry and create an illusion of high-definition print.  Spot color effects can enhance your design for affordable price.